Pest Control

Outdoor Pest Control

Our Technician will apply a spray over your entire lawn. This aids in helping reduce the number of pests, including fleas and ticks, from infesting you lawn.

Perimeter Pest Control

A 10-foot spray around the exterior of your home, including door and window frames. Six applications a year are scheduled bi-monthly. This treatment is a liquid insecticide designed to place a protective barrier around the outside of your home before pest have a chance to enter. this barrier will help eliminate 90% of pest trying to enter your home.

Mole and Gopher Treatments


How to identify a mole.

  • Look at the mounds. Tunnel system is easy to see from the ground. Moles make little mounds that are covered by a small amount of soil. The entrance to the tunnel is in the center of the mound vertical to the surface.
  • Look at your grass and plants. Moles eat grub worms, adult insects and earthworms.
  • Moles have covered eyes and are considered to be blind. Their ears are not visible, they have long flat noses.


How to identify a gopher

  • Gophers make large mounds of dirt, they are large in diameter. Their tunnel system is almost impossible to see from above ground. The entrance to the tunnel is at an angle to the surface of the lawn.
  • Gophers eat the root system and leaves of grass and plants in your lawn. They can kill your plants, shrubs, flowers and grasses.
  • They have small eyes and tiny ears, gophers have hard long front teeth and their tails are short.

Contact the office for options to rid your lawn of moles and gophers today.

Our Services

Weed Control Programs

Platinum Program - 7 Treatments (Comprehensive Program)

*   3 weed control applications

*   3 fertilizations

*   1 winterizer application

Gold Program - 6 Treatments per year

* 3 weed control applications

* 3 fertilizations 

No Dye Programs - 7, 6 or 5 Treatments  Comprehensive Program

‚Äč* Same program as above, but we do not use dye on the lawn

Silver Program - 4 Treatments (Essential Program)

*   4 weed control applications