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Bermuda Grass is a Army Worms favorite food!  Army Worms quickly devour lawns, chewing grass blades all the way down to the crown.  Although the grass blades are destroyed, the crowns are not damaged.  The lawn will recover if the damaged area is well fed and watered.  The eggs can hatch within 3 days.


Are pests taking up residency in your home, lawn, or office?  These uninvited intruders can invade lawns with a vengeance!  Now you can fight back!  Buckaloo's can identify and defeat pest with proven results. 

A lot of time, money, and hard work are invested to create a beautiful lawn.  Measures have been taken to protect your lawn and garden from foraging critters, but burrowing animals can cause damage from below.

Gophers are burrowing rodents.  They are known for their extensive tunneling activities, and are recognized by a mound of dirt suddenly appearing in the lawn.  Gophers eat plant roots, shrubs, and underground vegetables.  Treatment is available to reduce/eliminate the gopher infestation. 


Professional lawn care services are administered by knowledgeable and experienced technicians trained in disease control, insect control and application methods: all designed to keep your lawn and ornamentals green and healthy. 

Web Worms are caterpillars that weave loose webbing around a tree's foliage, while munching on leaves, resulting in a plant stress and leaf loss.  This larval "nest" may cover single leaves or leaf clusters, often, entire branches several feet in diameter.

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