Pest Control

Over the past several quarters, we have experienced dramatic supply chain challenges, primarily stemming from COVID-19 impacts. Lead times for components and availability of chemicals are creating major supply chain disruptions. Additionally, cost increases related to materials, components and logistics have impacted lawn care products significantly, in many cases by greater than 80%. While Buckaloo’s Weed & Pest Control has mitigated these cost pressures to our customers for the past year by optimizing cost containment efforts, the cost increase our industry now experiences are too great to absorb completely. Therefore, we are implementing a price increase effective when we start Treatment 1 in February/March. This increase will be a maximum of 20% depending on each customer’s square footage. We have taken this approach to ensure we are minimizing the financial impact as much as possible to our loyal customers.

Weed Control


Are pests taking up residency in your home, lawn, or office?  These uninvited intruders can invade lawns with a vengeance!  Now you can fight back!  Buckaloo's can identify and defeat pest with proven results. 

Web Worms are caterpillars that weave loose webbing around a tree's foliage, while munching on leaves, resulting in a plant stress and leaf loss.  This larval "nest" may cover single leaves or leaf clusters, often, entire branches several feet in diameter.

Professional lawn care services are administered by knowledgeable and experienced technicians trained in disease control, insect control and application methods: all designed to keep your lawn and ornamentals green and healthy. 

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